Warsaw gold

"Warsaw was the borderline between the West and the East.On the right bank of the Vistula river, in Praga, the broad Russian railway tracks approached the stations, while on the western-bank the European tracks began..."

In this place gold also had its special and unique character - different from the red Russian gold, and unalike the Italian gold, as yellow as an egg yoke. The Warsaw gold's colour reflected the atmosphere of the city, the hunger for serenity and happiness... It was the colour of champagne with peaches - the aromatic and sparkling colour of the setting sun, brushing with a gentle touch, the ripe fruits, roofs of the apartment buildings and the hot lips of lovers. 

The gold used at Elfjoy is unique, especially smelted for us, with every care taken that the uncommon colour of the Warsaw gold is preserved.

Jerzy S. Majewski, Warszawa Nieodbudowana "Metropolia Belle Epoque."