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earrings with crystal with tourmaline

Dostawa: 7 dni

250.00 PLN

Earrings with unique quartz with tourmaline combined with apatites.

The pendants are made of a 14 carat gold alloy.

The crystal is considered a symbol of selfless love and freedom. Known mining sites include the Alps, Brazil and the state of Arkansas in the United States. The rutile inclusions in the stone make it stand out even more and make it yet more charming. Combined with tourmaline, symbolising friendship and love, creates a beautiful cluster of a magical forest enclosed in one stone.

Apatite contains many minerals and it also exists in numerous colours. Apatite was already known in ancient Greece, where it got its name. Its name is derived from the Greek word apatos, meaning “to deceive” because of its likeness to other stones. Most often mined in Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Due to the fact that each pair of Elfjoy earrings is hand-made, as a single copy, made of natural stones, it may be slightly different from the one shown in the picture. This does not mean, however, that it will be any less charming.