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earrings with aquamarines

Dostawa: 7 dni

390.00 PLN

Earrings with moss aquamarines and iolites.

The pendants are made of a 14 carat gold alloy.

Aquamarines symbolise love and purity. The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin words for water and sea, due to its amazing clear crystal blue colour. Known aquamarine mining sites include Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Iolite is mined in India, China, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Brazil. Iolite has different colors in different directions in the crystal. This property helped Leif Eriksson and the other legendary Viking explorers that went far out into the Atlantic Ocean to determine the exact position of the sun, and thus navigate safely to the new world and back.

Due to the fact that each pair of Elfjoy earrings is hand-made, as a single copy, made of natural stones, it may be slightly different from the one shown in the picture. This does not mean, however, that it will be any less charming.