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delicate bracelet with onyx

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90.00 PLN

A delicate bracelet with an onyx suspended on a navy silk cord. The finishing elements are made of a 14 carat gold alloy.

To each bracelet we attach a wonderful aquamarine, which symbolises love and purity. The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin words for water and sea, due to its amazing clear crystal blue colour*. 

Onyx is known since the ancient times, having been used in jewellery and as an ornamental gemstone for carvings since antiquity. Onyx has traditionally been one of the most important engraving and cameo gemstones. Black onyx is mined mainly in Brazil, the United States, India, Mexico and Madagascar.

On special request, we can adjust the length of the bracelet. In this case please write the information in the comment box when placing the order.

Due to the fact that each Elfjoy bracelet is hand-made, as a single copy, made of natural stones, it may be slightly different from the one shown in the picture. This does not mean, however, that it will be any less charming.

*if they are in-stock