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bracelet with labradorite

Dostawa: 7 dni

120.00 PLN

A delicate bracelet with a labradorite suspended on a silk cord decorated with pyrites.

The finishing elements are made of a 14-karat gold alloy.

According to Inuit legend  once, while an Inuit warrior was wondering along the coast, he saw that some of the Northern Lights had been trapped in the rocks along the shore, with the swing of his mighty spear, he freed these lights and they went up to the sky. However some of the Aurora Borealis remained trapped in the stone, that stone was supposed to be the labradorite. Known labradorite mining sites include Canada, Madagascar and Finland.

Moonstone Exhibits the Optical Phenomenon Known as Adularescence. Adularescence is the optical phenomenon that causes the extraordinary glow on the surface of moonstone. The light moves across the stone much like moonlight would glide across a large body of calm water. 

Length: 18 cm.

On special request, we can adjust the length of the bracelet. In this case please write the information in the comment box when placing the order.

Due to the fact that each Elfjoy bracelet is hand-made, as a single copy, made of natural stones, it may be slightly different from the one shown in the picture. This does not mean, however, that it will be any less charming.