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asymmetric bracelet with kyanite.

Dostawa: 7 dni

290.00 PLN

Asymmetric bracelet with a Sierra blue topaz and a kyanite.

The luminous Sierra Blue Topaz is beautifully faceted. The word Topaz originates from Topazos, which is a small island located in the Red Sea, where the Romans originally found this beautiful stone. This gem symbolises loyalty, constancy and faithfulness. It is mined in in Australia, Afghanistan, Brazil, the CIS, the United States and South-West Africa.

The kyanite gets its' name from the Greek word 'kuanos' or 'kyanos', which means 'deep blue', alluding to its typical blue colour. However, in addition to blue, kyanite can also be colourless, white, grey, green, orange or yellow.Known mining sites include Australia, Kenya, India and Italy.

Bracelet length: 18 cm

On special request, we can adjust the length of the bracelet. In this case please write the information in the comment box when placing the order.

Due to the fact that each Elfjoy bracelet is hand-made, as a single copy, made of natural stones, it may be slightly different from the one shown in the picture. This does not mean, however, that it will be any less charming.